Nicos Shower Tile

A future collection of shower trays from Nicos International that faithfully reproduce the graphics and textures of precious stones and marbles. A new revolutionary technology that not only guarantees aesthetic appeal but also resistance to stains and yellowing.

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Of the stones extracted in Spain, specifically in the Canteras area between Murcia and Albacete, Emperador stone is definitely the most popular due to the special nature of its textures. They are the result of the natural concentration of calcite, crystals and minerals present in various quarrying areas.

Nicos International has reproduced the Emperador Light version: it has a hazelnut-coloured background illuminated by golden nuances, shimmering reflections and subtle veins.


Terrazzo is the unmistakable flooring of Venetian palaces, consisting of marble granules and stones bonded with pebble lime.

The use of Terrazzo dates back to ancient Greece, however, in Venice it became a characteristic architectural feature of buildings constructed between the 11th and 18th centuries.

Extensively used in the Liberty period, Terrazzo is now a solution recognised throughout the world.

Nicos International has reproduced Terrazzo, being inspired by tradition but extending its use to a new context.


For many years, the beauty and elegance of Calacatta marble have been at the forefront of trends in interior design.

With a warm white background and veins ranging from pale yellow to grey, sometimes tending towards green and purple, Calacatta marble is one of the Apuan marbles extracted in the Carrara area, but also in Versilia and Garfagnana.

Nicos International has reproduced the elegance of Calacatta: its multifaceted nuances are the solution for unique and unparalleled projects.


Travertino is a pale yellow calcareous sedimentary rock.

Abundant in the quarries of central Italy, travertine has been used since Roman times as a building and ornamental material. It still characterises the façades of many buildings, both historical and modern.

Its biogenic origin, which is often revealed in the form of real plant “footprints”, determines its unmistakable texture.

Nicos International has faithfully reproduced it to meet the most demanding design requirements.


Unlike classic Roman travertine, Titanium Travertine is a special type of travertine mined in the Middle East, particularly in Iran.

It has an intense brown base colour that may vary to shades of grey. Its white veins, normally horizontal as they are cut against the grain, create an incomparable contrast.

Nicos International has reproduced this fine stone, which successfully gives products and projects a highly attractive material quality.


Marquina black marble is one of the natural stones that comes from Spain, near the town of Marquina, from which it gets its name.

Its deep black base colour highlights fossil remains and white veins that occasionally turn towards green.
Such contrasts give it an appealing, bold and incomparable look that also perfectly blends with other coloured or white marbles.

Nicos International has reproduced Marquina to perfection, knowing that it “competes” with black marble, the benchmark product for projects worldwide.


For centuries, Statuario marble, certainly one of the most beautiful and elegant materials quarried in the Carrara area, has been extracted from the quarries of the Apuan Alps.

Statuario marble features a bright white background with fine grey veins, sometimes gold in colour.
Its very fine grain makes Statuario marble extraordinarily bright.

Nicos International has chosen to reproduce Statuario marble, with its aesthetic features that make each project unique and unparalleled.